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Dear Families:

We wish to welcome you and your child to the Palmer River Elementary School. We look forward to working with you to meet the needs of your child. We hope to foster their self-esteem and to help them become responsible individuals. Our Handbook has been prepared to provide you with information about Palmer River Elementary School. It provides an understanding of shared responsibilities of the parent(s), guardian(s) and students that are a part of the Palmer River Elementary School community.

The involvement of parents in the day-to-day education of their children is critical to the learning and development process. Parental involvement in homework, pleasure reading, school visits, volunteer situations, or active participation in school issues all send the critical message that education is important.

Working together to ensure that the environment at the Palmer River School is safe, caring and nurturing is essential for creating an optimum educational experience for your child. We encourage you to be an active member of the school community throughout the year. We ask that you take the time to review the Handbook with your child(ren). Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to an exciting and challenging school year.

Arlene C. Miguel, Principal

Elise A. DuBois, Assistant Principal


The Eight Conditions that Make a Difference!

When students have high aspirations, they have the ability to dream about the future, while being inspired about the present to reach those dreams. The Qualia Institute for Student Aspirations has identified 8 conditions that must be in place for students to thrive and fulfill their potential. Dighton-Rehoboth has adopted these 8 Conditions to define our school philosophy. They are:


Feeling like you are part of a group, while knowing you are special for who you are.


Having someone who believes in you and who is there when you need them.

Sense of Accomplishment

Being recognized for many different types of success, including hard work and being a good person.

Fun & Excitement

Enjoying what you are doing, whether at work, school, or play.

Curiosity & Creativity

Asking "Why?" and "Why not?" about the world around you.

Spirit of Adventure

Being excited to try new things, even when you are not sure if you will be good at them.

Leadership & Responsibility

Making your own decisions and accepting responsibility for your choices.

Confidence to Take Action

Setting goals and taking steps you need to reach them.


"Working Together and Reaching Higher."


 "Be curious, be confident, be courageous.  Literacy Counts."


The mission of the Palmer River Elementary School is to create and maintain a dynamic learning environment that cultivates curiosity, creativity, and a high level of academic achievement.

Student progress in our rigorous curriculum will be assessed regularly to inform instruction and ensure that students are challenged, supported, and develop a love for learning.

Partnering with parents and our larger school community, we look to foster within our students a sense of belonging, leadership, and the confidence to take action, as we recognize that all children can succeed through hard work and responsibility.

Our success will result in an exemplary learning community where members promote the value of learning and are driven to fulfill academic, personal, and social promise.

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